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Ray Hunter Florist is a family owned and operated business since 1919. Located in Southgate, Michigan, Ray Hunter Florist takes pride in its ability to provide unique and custom floral arrangements for any occasion. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the customer service we provide and the extra steps we take to make each customer feel special. With three locations, Ray Hunter Florist is conveniently located to serve you better and make flower shopping easy, fun, and memorable. Whatever the occasion, show your loved ones that you care by sending flowers from Ray Hunter Florist.

Products: Birds

Wild Songbird Feeders & Bird Seed

Birds bring so much to the home landscape - color, motion, sound and even companionship. Feeding songbirds is one of this nations most popular hobbies. At Ray Hunter's you'll find a great selection of bird feeders, bird seed, suet and, of course, bird baths. Creating a garden that attracts birds is easy when you pay attention to a couple of basic points - food, water, and shelter (read more about it). Let the pros at Ray Hunter's help you select the right plants, feed and feeders for your home landscape. Want to learn more? We've included these helpful links:

Scott's Songbird Selections
Bird-watching, feeding and tracking is a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend a few minutes or a few hours. Scotts® can help you attract the widest variety of beautiful, musical birds so you can make a nature escape—to your own backyard.
Droll Yankee  
Lyric Wild Bird Food  

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Droll Yankees YF Flipper Bird Feeder

Types of feeders

Feeders generally fall into one of three categories (1) hopper, (2) platform and (3) tube. Hopper feeders can be hung or mounted on a free-standing pole; platform feeders can be hung or mounted; and tube feeders are always hung. Each of these feeders is designed to hold different types of food and attract different types of birds.

Hopper: A hopper feeder has four walls and a top to protect food from the elements. Larger hopper feeders hold a greater amount of seed and, therefore, require less refilling. They attract birds such as Blue Jays, Nuthatches and Woodpeckers and other feeder-birds.

Platform: A platform or tray feeder is a flat feeder in which food can be spread across an open surface. Platform feeders may have a roof to help keep food dry. Look for one that has drain holes to keep rainwater from accumulating. This is the easiest feeder to fill and attracts Cardinals, Black-Capped Chickadees and Tufted Titmice. If placed close to the ground it will also attract ground-feeding birds.

Tube: A tube feeder is cylindrical feeder featuring several ports with perches. The size of the ports and the perches determines the type of food and the birds that will visit. Also known as a silo feeder, the tube feeder attracts birds such as Goldfinches, House Finches and Purple Finches. To attract a greater variety of birds, choose a larger perch tube feeder.

Where to locate a bird feeder

Placing different types of feeders in several locations throughout your yard will attract the widest variety of wild birds. It takes time for birds to recognize something new in their environment so don't get discouraged if birds don't flock to your feeders right away.

Here are some tips for locating feeders so birds can eat and you can enjoy watching them. Place feeders where birds can easily see them since most birds find food by sight, rather than smell. Put feeders in quiet areas, but make sure they're located where you can see them, such as a kitchen, dining or living room window.

Choose a convenient location so it's easy for you to refill no matter what the weather. Position feeders close to the shelter of trees and shrubs so birds have a refuge while they wait their turn. But don't place a feeder too close, otherwise squirrels will have a good jumping-off point and outdoor cats will have a better chance to stalk. Select a location where cleanup is not an issue since there will be feathers, seed shells and droppings on the ground below. Vary the height of your feeders to accommodate the feeding preferences of different birds.