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Ray Hunter Florist is a family owned and operated business since 1919. Located in Southgate, Michigan, Ray Hunter Florist takes pride in its ability to provide unique and custom floral arrangements for any occasion. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the customer service we provide and the extra steps we take to make each customer feel special. With three locations, Ray Hunter Florist is conveniently located to serve you better and make flower shopping easy, fun, and memorable. Whatever the occasion, show your loved ones that you care by sending flowers from Ray Hunter Florist.

Growing Green: Plant a Tree

Plant A Tree!

Plant a tree!One of the simplest ways to join the fight to control climate change is to plant a tree. The benefits range from economic to ecological all the while contributing to a quality of life that can be enjoyed by generations to follow. Trees help clean the air by removing poisonous gases and particulates such as dusts and pollens. They produce vital oxygen for us to breathe and absorb carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gases. Trees provide food, nesting sites and protection to the birds, mammals and other wildlife that help fill our lives and our children’s lives with beautiful sights, sounds, diversity and wonderment. No other act connects you so closely to the environment as that of planting a tree. Fostering an understanding of how a tree can impact the health of the planet is a lesson that needs to be passed from one generation to another. 

When you are selecting a tree you should address the following questions:

  • Do you want your tree to screen or frame a view?
  • Do you want a short flowering tree or a large shade tree?
  • What are the growing conditions in your yard?
  • What kinds of trees will do well in those conditions?

Proper selection and planting are crucial to the health and survival of every new tree. Choose your tree species carefully, select an appropriate site, plant the tree correctly and take care of it.

How to plant a tree:

  1. Choose at least a 5-to-6-foot tree grown to nursery standards.
  2. Select a site with enough room for roots and branches to reach full size. Avoid overhead and underground utilities.
  3. Dig a planting area as deep as the root ball and 3 to 5 times its diameter. Add fertilizer or other soil amendments.
  4. Set the root ball in the middle, even with ground level, but do not pack down the soil.
  5. Water generously.
  6. Stake the tree to flex with the wind. Mulch to within 6 inches of the tree trunk.
  7. Water regularly to keep the soil from drying out.

ell-placed shade trees can lower your roof and wall temperatures and help save over 15% on your electrical bills. Shading and cooling an air conditioning unit can increase its efficiency by 10%.

Trees can help your property value. Trees add beauty to neighborhoods and can add considerable value to the typical home, which helps to stabilize property values.