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Ray Hunter Florist is a family owned and operated business since 1919. Located in Southgate, Michigan, Ray Hunter Florist takes pride in its ability to provide unique and custom floral arrangements for any occasion. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the customer service we provide and the extra steps we take to make each customer feel special. With three locations, Ray Hunter Florist is conveniently located to serve you better and make flower shopping easy, fun, and memorable. Whatever the occasion, show your loved ones that you care by sending flowers from Ray Hunter Florist.

Grow Green: Build a Bird Sanctuary

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Build a Bird Sanctuary

Birds in the Garden: Creating a Haven for Colorful Birds in Your Yard

Attract birds to your garden click here for larger image Where are all the songbirds going?

Populations of all of our migratory song birds are dropping. American Goldfinch populations have dropped 6.2% per year during the last 30 years. These declines are not exceptional, but unfortunately, representative. Similar declines are being experienced by all of our migratory song birds.

Creating sustainable natural habitats for wild birds is more important than ever before. Suitable natural bird habitats continue to be lost to development. You can probably double the number of wild birds visiting your property by implementing a good landscaping plan.

Birds bring many benefits to our lives. They fill our gardens with song, bring a spark of color and interest to our winter landscapes, and also eat many garden pests. Attracting birds to your landscape is fun.

Here a few benefits of creating a bird habitat:
A good bird-friendly yard contributes to a beautiful, natural setting around your home that is pleasing to people as well as to birds.
Bird watching and gardening are two of the most popular hobbies in America. Creating a bird garden to attract birds brings the two of them together. Your success will result in having more birds to watch right in your own backyard.
It is no secret that wild birds keep populations of insects such as ants, aphids, flies, termites, etc. in check and they do this without the use of expensive and hazardous pesticides and chemicals. Creating a bird garden can inspire young people to develop a lifelong interest in wildlife and conservation.

Their needs are easy to meet and just about everyone can achieve success by providing them with three basics things: shelter, water, and food.

bird gardens click here for larger image If you have evergreen trees or shrubs, or maybe a tall canopy of shade trees, then you have the element of shelter. Birds need protection during feeding and bathing from cats and other predators. Try to position feeders and birdbaths close enough to natural shelter so that birds can perch safely between trips to the feeder, but yet far enough away so that they don't make an easy target for the neighbor's cat.

Water can be the most alluring aspect of your landscape. The sound of splashing water is relaxing and will also attract colorful birds. Birdbaths and small fountains are great accents for your yard and will provide your new guests with one of their most basic requirements. A shallow water source is all they need.

Consider placing your bird feeder adjacent to your water source. Once you have attracted birds to your yard, you don't want to play hide-and-seek with the food source. Feeders can be hung from tree limbs, mounted on a freestanding pole, or even hung from the shepherd's hook that held a hanging basket in spring. To stock your feeders, use birdseed mixes high in sunflower seed to attract the greatest variety of birds. Cardinals love black oil and striped sunflower as well as safflower seed. Suet cakes are great for woodpeckers, chickadees, titmice, and nuthatches.

Another helpful tip is to scatter some seed on the ground around your feeder. This will attract mourning doves and other ground feeders. It's easy to create a safe haven for birds in your yard. The enjoyment they bring will last a lifetime. Put out your feeder today!