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Ray Hunter Florist is a family owned and operated business since 1919. Located in Southgate, Michigan, Ray Hunter Florist takes pride in its ability to provide unique and custom floral arrangements for any occasion. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the customer service we provide and the extra steps we take to make each customer feel special. With three locations, Ray Hunter Florist is conveniently located to serve you better and make flower shopping easy, fun, and memorable. Whatever the occasion, show your loved ones that you care by sending flowers from Ray Hunter Florist.

​Your Southgate Florist Encourages You to Buy Flowers as Gifts

22nd Nov 2017

There is no doubt about it, flowers make people happy, and there is actual research that proves it. There are many reasons why flowers make you happy, because they bring you closer on an emotional level to the people around you or perhaps because they give you a connection to nature. Whatever the reasons, flowers make people happy and therefore make great gifts. This is something you need to take into consideration this holiday season.

You really should take this into consideration. It might make good sense to skip out on gift buying at Walmart this year and buy flowers instead. There are people who would appreciate flowers from Ray Hunter, your Southgate florist, over anything you might find at a discount store.

Flowers Say “I Love You”

We all know that red roses represent romantic love. But other flowers represent familial love and they are growing in popularity. There is also an increased interest in flowers based on their appearance and colors, and not based on an ulterior meaning. Basically, people enjoy giving flowers as a gift because they don't have to represent love, it is just a way to show someone you care about them.

Flowers Can Be for Boys and Girls

It used to be that flowers were a great gift for girls, but that has changed in recent years. As the population changes, it is becoming more and more acceptable for males to enjoy flowers as much as females.

The ability to appreciate the beauty of flowers is becoming more and more mainstream every year. You can help break the gender mold by buying flowers as gifts for both boys and girls.

You Show that You Care

It may not take a whole lot of effort ordering a bouquet of flowers as a gift, but for the recipient, it seems like a big deal. You can spend all day shopping the mall and not come up with a gift with as much beauty and that will be appreciated as much as a bouquet of flowers.

Flowers are Versatile

Flowers are versatile gifts that can be given to anyone on any type of holiday occasion. You can give each family member flowers for the holiday and each would have a unique bouquet with a variety of flowers and colors.

In addition, you can use flowers to pair with a gift. The flowers themselves are very nice, but they can also compliment another gift. No matter what you pair the flowers with, you make the gift that much more special.

They Create Memories

Gifts you buy at a store are often used a bit and then quickly forgotten. But when you give a gift of flowers, it is something that will stick in their memory for years to come. Giving the gift of flowers creates strong memories that will last a lifetime. These are the moments they will cherish.

So try something different this holiday season and give the gift of flowers. Rat Hunter has a wonderful selection of bright and beautiful bouquets, check them out.