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About us


Ray Hunter Florist is a family owned and operated business since 1919. Located in Southgate, Michigan, Ray Hunter Florist takes pride in its ability to provide unique and custom floral arrangements for any occasion. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the customer service we provide and the extra steps we take to make each customer feel special. With three locations, Ray Hunter Florist is conveniently located to serve you better and make flower shopping easy, fun, and memorable. Whatever the occasion, show your loved ones that you care by sending flowers from Ray Hunter Florist.

Celebrate Your Special Occasion With Flowers

5th Jun 2018

Life is filled with special occasions. From getting that dream job with the best company to welcoming a new addition to your family, there’s always something to celebrate with your friends, family, and even your coworkers. At Ray Hunter Florist, we strive to offer an array of special occasion floral arrangements to help you celebrate the great hurdles in life. After all, there’s nothing like getting a floral arrangement for being successful. We have a small or a large floral arrangement for every celebratory moment. Take advantage of the wide range of reasons to celebrate with flowers when you shop at Ray Hunter Florist. When you purchase floral arrangements from us, our florist will have you covered no matter what you’d like to say with flowers.

Browse These Arrangements For Your Celebratory Occasion

New Baby Floral Arrangements

Congrats on the newest addition to your family! It’s always so exciting to have a baby and giving the couple flowers is a great way to show your enthusiasm for this new step in your friend’s, coworker’s, or family’s life. Whether it’s the first baby for the couple or it’s a fifth, there’s nothing like showing your elation for this celebratory event. At Ray Hunter Florist, we have several sunny and vibrant arrangements that say the words you want to reiterate. Pink, yellow, and white, you can’t go wrong when you purchase these to show your elation for a new baby.

Say Happy Anniversary The Best Way

Depending on the year, you can purchase a little something different for your anniversary. For instance, year one is paper and year six is candy. However, flowers are always a great way to show your appreciation and love for your spouse no matter what year you may be on. Whether you’re celebrating six months as a couple or 60 years of marriage, saying happy anniversary with flowers is the best way to show your devotion to your partner.

Show You Care With Get Well Flowers

Getting sick or having surgery can be difficult, especially when you have to watch someone else’s discomfort. Show your sympathy and that you care when you purchase floral arrangements for your loved ones. These get well floral arrangements will brighten up your friend or family’s feelings when they are struggling to get better. Choose pink, yellow, white, or green flowers to liven up a person’s life.

The Best Way To Say Congrats

If you have a friend who just got a promotion or who just got engaged and you’d like to say congrats, then purchase one of the many congrats floral arrangements in our wide selection. There’s nothing quite like getting beautiful flowers for a special occasion. No matter the accomplishment, flowers are able to say the words that you’d like to, to show your elation. Our arrangements vary from Jumping For Joy to Bright And Cheery. Show how much you appreciate your friend or loved one with purple, red, yellow, and even orange flowers.

Celebrate any special occasion with floral arrangements from our experienced florist.