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​Show Your Mom Love with Flower Delivery in Southgate


Our moms are amazing people who have lived their lives being our cheerleaders, personal assistants and defense attorneys. They are our guardian angels and are often underappreciated. Without our moms, we would have grown up hungry, would never have had clean laundry and there would have been no order in our young lives.

Your mom was the one who always knew where to find the things you lost, she was the one who wore that hideous macaroni necklace you made to work and she was the one who baked four dozen cookies for your class at midnight because you failed to tell her you needed them until the very last minute.

So this Mother’s Day, you had better show your love, admiration and respect with flower delivery in Southgate. Here are just a few reasons why mom deserves the best.

She Does Everything

This is not an exaggeration, over the years your mom has done nearly everything for you. In addition to all the stereotypical motherly duties like cooking and cleaning, you mom helped you fix your bike that one time, helped you with your Trigonometry homework and even offered advice on how to act on a first date. Fun times.

Pearls of Wisdom

The stuff you learned at school was half as important as the things your mom taught you. For example, she taught you how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, how to cover that zit on your forehead and how to buff out that scratch you made on dad’s car before he could see it.

Protective Nature

Some of the most shocking words that ever came out of your mom’s mouth were when she was defending or protecting you. That parent who made the remark that you threw like a girl while watching your little league baseball team play was publicly shamed for his remark. In fact, to this day he still has nightmares about that confrontation.

No Judgement

Your friends were judging you, adults were judging you, in fact, the entire world was judging you, except your mom of course. Even when you went through your “emo” phase and dyed your hair green and wore a dog chain, your mom did nothing, she just smiled and told you how much she loved you.

She Put Up with You

It’s time you learned the truth; you could be rather annoying much of the time. Yes, you were annoying but your mother still put up with you. You were the one who would constantly ask for stuff when your mom took you with her to the store, you were the one who told your mom that story about the time you held your breath for one minute, over and over and you were the one whose high-pitched scream shattered wine glasses. Yet, your mom loved you just the same.

As you can clearly see, there are any number of reasons you need to ensure you make your mom feel very special this Mother’s Day.

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