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​Reasons to Order Her Flowers from Your Southgate Florist


Women often complain that the men in their lives are never romantic enough. But as we all know, men have a difficult time expressing their feelings and often resort to cheesy Hallmark cards or cheap jewelry in hopes of expressing how they feel about young women they fancy.

You would think that at some point they would realize cards, candy and shiny objects aren't the way to a woman’s heart. They will spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on useless trinkets before uttering a word about how they really feel.

In the days of old, courting was a dignified and formal affair. That is, symbols were used to express feelings that were thought to be too special to be uttered with words. Today, you buy a girl a drink at the nightclub and breakfast at IHOP the next morning and you are practically married by noon.

But we digress, our point is that romance isn't dead, but it is sure drowning in ignorance and commercialism. If you want to express your genuine feeling for an attractive female, skip the Hallmark store and IHOP and order her flowers from your Southgate Florist.

When to Give Flowers

While it is considered very romantic to send her flowers for no other reason than “just because”, don’t be a fool and forget to send her flowers on other occasions, like her birthday for example.

Get Well

When the fine lady in your life falls ill, cheer her up and brighten her day with the gift of flowers. Nothing feels better inside than a cheerful gift from the man you love.

I’m Sorry

You are a man, which means not a week goes by that you make some stupid mistake or say something ignorant to your lovely lady-friend. That’s Ok, we all screw up and end up in the doghouse or sleeping on the couch.

If you want to enjoy the comforts of your own bed again, we suggest you buy her some flowers. You also need to verbally tell her you are sorry as well. But to make that apology sincere, back it up with a dozen roses, man.

Note: If you have done something extra bad, you had better order two or three bouquets.


This one can be tough as there are sure to be several anniversaries to which must be accounted. You will, of course, have a wedding anniversary if you are hitched. You might also have an anniversary that celebrates the first date you two had. There might also be an anniversary celebrating a first kiss, a romantic interlude in the park or some other “romantic” thing that happened in which you have no memory of. To be safe, it is best if you have the florists number on speed dial.

Come to think about it, today might be a day you should buy her flowers. Here is a checklist:

  • Is she mad at you?
  • Is today some sort of anniversary?
  • Is she feeling ill?
  • Is she sad?
  • Is she happy?
  • Is she in a bad mood?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, buy flowers right now.

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